by Well.RED

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superior minds rule timelessly.


it all started w/ a thought they could feel
the L makes any idea, ideal
so all i smell is smoke, & all i see is stars
& all i taste is her, & all i feel is far
far from friends behind enemy lines
looking for weak spots to sabotage & blind
smooth sound like Gillespie
hard like the blue pill, bump waves like jet skis
& yes we
been to the mountain top & i won't stop
digging deep, balls deep in pandora's box
& you pussies keep pushing it
a slave to ya own rhymebook got you pussy whipped
courtesy of the courteous grim reaper
i'm dead nice, reaching regal heights rolling deeper
a giant to a patsy
w/ a papsmear for a rap sheet
found on the far side, i won't let it pass me
from the devil diaphragm it's the bad seed
looking for the boy that cried
i pull the wool out over eyes
my wolves out
(w)rap it up like the latex, sleeping on the pull out
a Nikehead true swoosh rocker
leader of the new school, this the hurt locker
life's my legacy & this never ends
villainous Renaissance, ski masks on merry men

& this shit right here no guessing
it all started w/ a dream wrapped in a question
& this shit right here no guessing
it all started w/ a dream wrapped in a question

& altogether
we say GeniusSoundsFamily, GeniusSoundsForever


released January 21, 2013
mixed by Don Hype.



all rights reserved


Well.RED New York, New York

creator. emcee. pharaoh. villain. instrument. @GeniusSoundsFam. DopeLeague.
from the world within one, HARLEM.
christopher walken on water.
salvador dali w/ the llama.

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